Boosting Employee Morale In The Time Of Remote Working

Alright, Straight to the point: The best way to boost your employee’s morale, particularly at stressful times like these, is to show them you care about them, genuinely.

There are numerous articles out there about how to do this with cliches like building trust, promote work-life balance etc. that are all good in normal times.

But stressful times call for a different, more personal approach.

Here are 5 simple but extremely effective way to ensure your employees still have that glow and spark in them!


As a manager, update from “I’m always available to talk to” to “Come lets have a chat”

What works best is actually getting to the front lines and talking to employees, especially in this scene of remote work.

Asking interpersonal questions in one-on-one sessions would give your employees a sense of importance.

One-on-one sessions with your employees, though may seem a very time-consuming, can be one of the best practices to boost employee morale.  Allowing them to express themselves without an agenda would bring more positivity in them.


Acknowledge their life events and losses

Public recognition is a sure-fire way to boost employee morale. But it goes deeper in extreme situations like being in a stressful pandemic.

When employees experience significant personal life events or stressful situations such as loss of a loved one, they can feel isolated in this current culture of nonstop celebration and personal promotion. Take care of your team members by sending a private, personal note to let them know you see and support them.

It’s an easy way to create a personal connection and foster goodwill. After all, wouldn’t you feel nice if someone did this for you?


Don’t ignore the power of small gestures

Surprising employees with a special, personalized gift lets them know “We’re thinking of you; we appreciate how valuable you are to us.”

This is especially important in the current remote working scenario where you can’t meet them face to face to appreciate their work.

Employee recognition reinforces particular behaviors, practices, or activities that result in better performance and positive business results. It boosts their confidence and morale.

Keep your employees satisfied and they will be more engaged & productive.

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Invite employees to share skills

It feels good to be an expert and acknowledged as one. So help your employees shine by creating opportunities for them to showcase their skills and knowledge.

This should be a low hanging fruit with the remote working environment, having zoom calls and being in the comfort and familiarity of their own homes.

This could also be an additional way your employees can learn more about their peers, fostering a deeper relationship.


Crowdsource team-building ideas

Team-building events are proven to boost employee morale and they’re even more effective when you have more buy-in from your employees!

Allow them to select and come up with new ideas for this special bonding time, and you’ll see their eyes light up!


One, you’ll be more likely to have an event your team members actually like. And two, your employees will feel an additional sense of ownership and responsibility, which is what they desire at the end of the day.

So there you have it.

5 effective ways to boost employee morale at stressful times like we are in now!


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