Limited Edition.

Handpicked designs and design sets to make the perfect premium gifts your mom will love, use and remember forever!

Masterpieces best in both design and quality of their craftsmanship 💯

Handmade in Precious 925 Sterling Silver!

"Mini Rosé" Bracelet

Pair these with some casual wear for a chill hangout sesh, or with your fav pair of denim & tees 🤩.

Or when you’re feeling fancy, pair it with some indo-western attire… this versatile design you can use with all, even beach wear 👙 if you dare!

"Twist In My Tale" Earrings

Simple traditional or indo-western + “Twist In My Tale” dual tone earrings is a unique combo we’d deefffff tell you to give a shot 💯.

Your inner rebellious fashionista will thank you for it 💃!

"Gimme a hug" bracelet

If you love having something cute, light and not getting in the way when chilling or getting shit 💩 done, try this out!

Caution: Attracts eyeballs even if you don’t want to … cos that’s just what it does 🤷🏼‍♀️!

"Peachy Precious" Earrings

Want something that makes you a 1000% cuter and chic 🙌? This elegant rose gold earring and pendant set does the job effortlessly!

This design is so versatile any outfit from traditional to office to party wear is game 😻!

"Chained to me" pendant

Guaranteed to give you a brand new look with any attire you wear. If you’re feeling extra rebellious, pair it with your classy LBDs 😍!

You want something that will instantly make you look chic, rebelliously fashionable, and 195673% unique? This one’s for you ✊!

"Leaky teardrop" Earrings

Want to spice up your traditional and into-western attire with a rebellious fashion twist 💃?

Or want to max out on turning heads with a western outfit? This design does it all 🙌!

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