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Hah, aint this the Million Dollar Question? Find out about this here, you won’t be disappointed! PS: If you are, then we don’t think you’re a Rebel… Something else? Tell us what by Chatting with us here, through WhatsApp [click to chat] or email at wassup@BeRibelli.com.

Are our products authentic? Is the sun Bright? Is the earth getting warmer? The answer to all those questions are the same YES!! We mark precious silver products with “925” inscribed on them so you know they’re authentic, which is an industry standard for authenticity and quality. Non silver products will not have any such markings. 

We ship your beautiful selections in completely eco-friendly packaging… And this isn’t some BS we say but don’t follow… We make sure all things we use in the packaging are either re-usable or easily bio-degradable, or at minimum, recyclable.

Your selected products are wrapped in a special cloth material for safekeeping. This is packed carefully within a 100% Jute baggy filled with dried leaves and flowers! You can use these as decoration for your homes when you get it, and re-use the jute baggy to store your loved designs too!

Ofcourse to ensure your designs reach you safely, the jute baggy is sent to you through a sturdy cardboard box made of recycled paper!

We have a nice free 4 day return policy! You can find more detailed info in our page about Returns here.

You can for free, only if the product arrives damaged or defective, or if you received the wrong item. But if you want to exchange it after using for a while cos you want to refresh your collection, then get in touch with us through WhatsApp or email, and we’ll guide you through this with a simple 2 step process!

Yes, totally can. We allow and appreciate back orders too! Just note that it might take a little longer to deliver in such cases since we have to ask our artisans and craftsmen to make one specially for you!

You can pay for your selections by Credit, Debit cards, UPI, Netbanking, PayTM etc.

Within India, its usually around 5-7 business days for free shipping and international, its about 15-20 business days. But, we keep monitoring the delivery timelines our courier partners have and send your designs to you through the fastest method available.

Yup, we do! From Kashmir to Tamilnadu, from Gujarat to Assam! Have an address > you have our service!

Yes we do be do be dooo! Where you at tho?

Well bud, that depends on your country’s rules but its not too difficult to find what they are.. Ask our dear friend Google! [PS: Do not ask Siri or Alexa, they’re too young to know these things]. 

Yup, we plan to take all the money from your account 😛

JK, no, there are no hidden costs! What costs can we hide? These aren’t airline tickets or hotel reservations 😉

They are to an extent… Some phones and laptops have a different color tint on their screens, so it might look different for you, especially if they have enamel colors on them. Apart from that, since our designs are handmade, there might be slight variations in sizes and colors due to hand polishing and finishing. But you probably won’t find much of a difference!

Yup, insured and safe!

Not now, we like trying the virtual life!

Not really, but if you want your purchase to count toward loyalty points, on time customer service, live on-demand order tracking and other niceties definitely create an account!

Really? This a question you have for real? Chat with us you Rebel of Nature! We’ll help you figure this secret out 😛

Rub your magic lamp and ask your Genie for help… Or alternatively, you can Go here > My Account Page and click the Forgot Password link to create a new password!

Safely buried under 10ft of dirt on a remote island in the Caribbean… Find where this is by clicking here.

You don’t! If you love some designs we make sure we get it made for you, so don’t worry about stock. If in case we do a limited run of a design, and it goes out of stock, we will remove it from the website or mention that it is out of stock.

Yup, definitely safe! We use only trusted payment gateways and processors cos your safety is important isn’t it?

One order to one address, that’s our policy; Our orders are really Faithful like that 😛 if you want to deliver to more than one address you’re gonna have to place them in separate orders.

No Can Do yo! Once sent out, things are out of our hand and there’s not much the courier companies allow us to do…

Nah dawg, once you’ve placed and paid for an order, you can’t add anything to it… but why would you want to when placing another order is absolutely free and simple?

Don’t ask us! We love all sizes equally 😛 But you can find the one that fits you best with our size charts mentioned under products that are offered in multiple sizes though.

Maybe, maybe not. That depends on the courier company.

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