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Mother's Day!

  • Bumpy Ride

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  • Loop Di Loop

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  • Pretty Bunch Split

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  • Trap My Feels

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  • Your Royal Flatness

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  • Eyes On You

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  • That’s Smooth

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  • Thrice Nice

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  • Leaky Teardrop

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  • From The Vine

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moms always gift nice things.
your turn to do the same!

PS: Every purchase is shipped with a FREE Personalized greeting card too!

What you're getting

Precious, Practical & Loved.

All our jewelry are made of precious silver, which means your mom’s going to be proud of you for getting her something nice but also not wasting your money 😉!

Precious silver holds value, so once she’s bored using the design, she can exchange it for real money to buy a different design! [gets upto Rs.1,300 back 🙌].

All jewelry are made of the highest purity of precious silver: 925 Sterling Silver.

Not 850, 720 or 450, but 925 grade which is the highest standard in the jewelry industry.

Our jewelry are manually finished and polished by hand, ensuring all the joints, seams and surfaces are sealed properly and finished smoothly.

You won’t have uneven edges, dented surfaces, mis-aligned edges, cracked polishes, scratchy matte finishes, tarnished plating on the undersides, loose screws etc. which are the characteristics of cheaply made, low quality products.

All jewelry are coated with the best in industry protective e-coating so they do not tarnish rapidly and remain looking new and shiny for a longer than usual time!

All designs come with guarantee card for the quality [925 Silver].

All designs are eligible for RibaSwap service where you can exchange designs after use, for new designs!

Free shipping and free returns [in case of damage while transit]. Free velvet storage pouches to prevent scratches and tarnishing included in all purchases.

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