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Unmatched quality of finish and craftsmanship that rivals and exceeds that of fine gold jewelry.


Special pricing

RIBELLISTA membership gives you special member-only pricing upto 30%+ lower than anywhere else.

Be remarkable without breaking the bank.


Use > Swap > Use > Swap.
old for new!

Exchange used RIBELLI jewelry for new ones when you want to update your design collection.

Our jewelry is Precious Silver, making RIBASWAP possible.


not thru pricing

Different gets noticed. Remarkable gets remembered.

New Luxury is a game of Being Remembered.

RIBELLI makes Remarkable & Unique products so you experience the Luxury 21st century style.

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  • Ear Huggies

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  • Leaky Teardrop

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    Smooth As Petals

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  • Light And Fly

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Special packing!😍

Packaging pouch made of Precious Sterling Silver
Reusable Premium velvet pouches! 😍

Protects your silver beauties from tarnishing fast & getting scratches. 🤩

Better than cheap, toxic plastic boxes! ♻️

There are two groups of people who attend the Big fashion shows in Paris, Milan, New York etc… The trend setters😎 and the trend followers.

The former are the Remarkables, not caring about what’s being said and done, but just doing what inspires them and what makes them happy, ultimately setting the trend with their awesome creations! Ribelli is these people, the risk takers making our world a better place by daring to do the new and the different!


The designs you’ll find on Ribelli:

So, you won’t find designs copied and derived Inspired by the fashion shows here at Ribelli. You will instead find remarkable, original, and unique concepts. We aim to be the people whose designs and products people wear to express their true rebellious selves!

But this doesn’t mean “weird” stuff or stuff that’s just plain stupid and not functional… we aren’t making concept art. What we are making is jewelry jewellery that our rebels can wear everyday, for any occasion, with any attire be it indo-western, Indian traditional, western, office, bikini, lounge clothes, gym wear, on vacations etc. Rebellious versatility is the name of this game! The same design can go with your LBD and stilettos or with your funky tees and ripped jeans!


You enjoy this awesome double benefit:

And here’s the icing on the proverbial cake, with every purchase, you are actually making an investment for yourself since our jewelry jewellery is made of precious silver. Your purchase’s value only increases over time, so no more regrets that you wasted money! Dont like it, come exchange it, easy peasy!

Affordable prices + free lifetime exchanges + buyback guarantees mean you can continue updating your styles on the regular without a hit to your bank account while still making an investment.

Which is smarter? Investing about 5000-8000 regularly with money left over for living a fun life, or investing 30,000 in one go and waiting for your account to fill up again to have some fun? The former is what self-thinking daring smart rebels do, with Ribelli!

Rebellious designs you won’t find anywhere else! They were intentionally created to turn heads and grab eyeballs.

Ribelli is a brand for people with rebellious tastes, attitudes and approach to life! Our not-seen-before phone cases, AirPods cases and designs are a testament to that!

Real rebels don’t care about what others think about them, they just want to do what they love, and so we create designs for these Rebels, where they can use it wherever, whenever! Traditional is out, anywhere+anytime is In!

Here’s what is waiting for you on Ribelli 👉🏼

Phone Cases: For Most iPhones [iPhone X and above], Samsung Galaxy Note Series [Note 9 and above], Samsung Galaxy S series [S10 and above]. We guarantee our phone case ornaments are the only thing that’ll make you stare at your screen less, cos you’ll be adoring your phone’s beautiful rebellious backside from now on!

AirPods Cases: Apple did their job in giving you something cool and awesome to put in your ear, now Rebelli is giving you something better to make your AirPods case stand out just like you! Add this to your AirPods case and see it become your most favorite thing ever! Truly a case of Neighbor’s Envy, Owner’s Pride.

Earrings for women: You want something small? Something larger? Something just right, in between? Ok Goldilocks, we have all those for you! Hoop earrings, danglers, studs, ones that don’t fall into any category… we have everything and more! If not, we can always make custom designs for you too 👑

Bangles & Bracelets: From rigid ones to flexible ones just like life and our evening plans 😝, our bracelets and bangles will work their magic on your attire, be it Indian, into-western or western… or heck, even beach and lounge wear! Because you’re a Rebel, you’ll appreciate our original, unconventional, differently designed bangles 🤩

Pendants: Small, medium, large, Ribelli! These are the sizes you’ll find here! Whatever and however you want to feel, our pendants and classy chains will make you feel that way! Try them with different attires and you’ll be surprised by the number of great matches, better results than Tinder Premium 😉

Chokers: Want to get an extra Oomph from your get up, check out our sexy chokers! Many of these go great even with Indian and Indo-western attire, IF you’re brave enough to do this… But we know you will you rebel! 

Watch straps: Now these are something you’ve definitely not seem before… don’t let only your watch dials and faces look great, customize your watch strap too with our collection. Go check it out, better than us tell ing you! Designed by true rebels for true rebels!

Heres what we at Ribelli believe:

Old Luxury👉🏼 Doing things to please society.

The “Oh no, if I do this what will others think” way…


New Luxury👉🏼 Doing things that makes you happy, not worrying bout what others think.

“The this is who I am and I love myself like this” way, the way we love!


Ribelli is a brand to help rebellious people who dare to do the new and the different in this copycat world, express their rebellious selves to the world. So by this definition of Luxury, RIBELLI DEFINITELY IS A LUXURY BRAND!


Now show your true rebellious self to this world with Ribelli by your side! Check out what we have here for you and join us on Insta @Be.Ribelli.

The world might be confused by us Rebels from time to time but deep down, the world knows it would give anything to be like us, to be happy doing what we love without caring about what others think, isn’t this the real luxury in today’s world?


Here to make you stand out in this crowded world, RIBELLI’s unique and customizable accessories give you a refreshingly new ownership experience.




Designed by Remarkable people around the world. Made with ❤ in INDIA

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