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Featured designs this month πŸ™Œ!

Handpicked masterpieces best in both design and quality of their craftsmanship πŸ’―

From the most elegant of rose gold, to the smoothest, silkiest of matte finishes, to the one-of-its-kind designs, these are sure to step up your fashion game!


Handmade in Precious 925 Sterling Silver!

"Mini RosΓ©" Bracelet

Pair these with some casual wear for a chill hangout sesh, or with your fav pair of denim & tees 🀩.

Or when you’re feeling fancy, pair it with some indo-western attire… this versatile design you can use with all, even beach wear πŸ‘™ if you dare!

"Twist In My Tale" Earrings

Simple traditional or indo-western + β€œTwist In My Tale” dual tone earrings is a unique combo we’d deefffff tell you to give a shot πŸ’―.

Your inner rebellious fashionista will thank you for it πŸ’ƒ!

"Gimme a hug" bracelet

If you love having something cute, light and not getting in the way when chilling or getting shit πŸ’©Β done, try this out!

Caution: Attracts eyeballs even if you don’t want to … cos that’s just what it doesΒ πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ!

"Peachy Precious" Earrings

Want something that makes you a 1000% cuter and chic πŸ™Œ? This elegant rose gold earring and pendant set does the job effortlessly!

This design is so versatile any outfit from traditional to office to party wear is game 😻!

"Chained to me" pendant

Guaranteed to give you a brand new look with any attire you wear. If you’re feeling extra rebellious, pair it with your classy LBDs 😍!

You want something that will instantly make you look chic, rebelliously fashionable, and 195673% unique? This one’s for you ✊!

"Leaky teardrop" Earrings

Want to spice up your traditional and into-western attire with a rebellious fashion twist πŸ’ƒ?

Or want to max out on turning heads with a western outfit? This design does it all πŸ™Œ!

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