Maintenance 🤲🏼 & Care 🤗

Any sterling silver jewelry exposed to air will eventually tarnish. Even if they're plated! That’s just what it do 🤷🏼‍♀️.

You gotta take care of it like its your pet so your designs keep looking as rebelliously awesome as you for a looooong time!


  • Keep away from chemicals 🧪 like hairspray, perfume, deodorant, body lotion, bleach, nail polish remover etc., they can speed up the tarnishing process ☢️.

  • Be also mindful to keep silver away from rubber, vinegar, olives and fruit juice.

  • Do not wear it the 🚿, 🏊🏼‍♀️or 🛀🏼. Humidity and moisture can make them tarnish faster!

  • When you take off your products, clean it with a dry soft cloth before storage so you remove any sweat, body oils, dirt, dust etc. They can cause tarnish or cause scratches, neither of them good.

  • If you have some light tarnish or dirt accumulated, as it happens with daily regular wear, wash it with mild dish washing liquid diluted in warm water.

  • If your design contains stones, pearls or enamel work, do not submerge the entire piece into water when washing. Instead, use a cotton swab with mild dish washing liquid to wash only the silver. Once done, wipe and dry thoroughly with soft cloth before storage.

  • Storing silver in a non hard bag or pouch or soft fabric lined box is recommended as they won’t cause scratches.
    To keep it simple, just take care of your designs like you take care of your pet dog🐶 or 🐱, or 🐭, 🐰, 🐥🐍 or whatever maybe your favorite, you Rebel! Do that and you should be fine for a long time!

    Remember, if you don't take care, then you'll have to give us money to do it, and we won't say no 😉
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