How many of us have accessories boxes looking like this? 🙋‍♀️

Filled with stuff we don't even use anymore?

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Details of ribelli's exchange perk

We give you Real Money, when you swap ♻️ your old, used Ribelli designs to buy any new design!

So, use your purchases till you’re satisfied & happy.

Then, swap it out for something new!

RibaSwap from Ribelli was created to help you not waste money but still maintain your fashionable identity!

No Tricks 💯!

We make our designs with the highest grade silver 👉🏼 925 Sterling Silver and are confident of its quality & finish, so we confidently take it back!

Silver is precious💰& holds real value [which is what you’re regaining]! So don’t throw it away like you do with other metals like brass!

PS: buy silver jewelry from Ribelli instead of brass or imitation jewelry from elsewhere and stop wasting your money🛑💸!

Step 1: Tell us that you want to swap through the chat bubble, WhatsAppor contact form. 

Step 2: Give us details of your design when we ask and we’ll give an approx swap value.

Step 3: Ship the product to us with the original packaging pouch.

Step 4: After receiving, we will examine it according to conditions mentioned below and give you a final swap value.

Step 5: Say ok and You will get this as store credit instantly. Use this to make your next purchase!

Done, simple as that!

Your designs from RBIELLI are made of Precious 925 Sterling Silver 🤩.

Since silver is a precious metal, it holds real value so it can be exchanged for real money!

So now you won’t be simply wasting money 🙅🏼‍♀️ on accessories.

This is only possible on silver accessories.

If you buy things made of brass, they last for a short time only, and are not worth anything later, making you lose money over time 😂…

Now, Why would you do that?🤷🏼‍♀️

Any jewelry and accessory bought on Ribelli’s website, which is mentioned as made with 925 Sterling Silver, is eligible 👍.

Accessories, jewelry, coins etc. bought from other places are not eligible, [even if made of silver] since we don’t know and can’t trust the quality and purity of silver used in non-Ribelli products.

If you have any special concerns, definitely get in touch with us.

Swap value of your designs are affected by the following factors. The more pristine, proper and well maintained your design is, the higher the swap value it gives you!

Affects value:

  • Too much wear and tear [apart from what happens on regular usage].
  • Deep scratches, grooves.
  • Bends or dents in the design.
  • Deformation in shape of the design.
  • Fading of plating [if present on design].
  • Tarnishing of silver [blackening].
  • Missing or loose stones, fasteners etc. from the design.
  • Bent or broken pierce sticks in earrings.
  • Cracks or holes in the design.
  • Any modifications not performed by or authorized by Ribelli.
  • Additional markings or engravings on the design.
  • Tampering with the quality of the product in any way.

Presence of any of these or other factors making the design look different from original will affect your product’s swap value.

Please take good care of your products so they give you the best swap value possible.

Refer to the maintenance and care instructions to keep them looking new and awesome! 

This is applicable only for jewelry and accessories made from sterling silver, and purchased from Ribelli’s store.

Ribelli reserves the sole right to determine a final swap price for the products.

Swap value for the same design might vary per piece, depending on the factors and conditions mentioned above.

Shipping the used product to Ribelli’s offices is your responsibility and liability. We will not be liable for it reaching us safely, without damage, and in a secured manner.

Once we receive it, we will send you an image of the package as received, for your confirmation and reference.

We are not responsible for any damages to the product on transit and shipping. Please use only reputed courier services with tracking ability.

If you are not satisfied with the swapping, you can take the product back from us, but you are responsible for the shipping charges.

In any case, we will not be issuing cash for swapping. We can issue silver coins for the equivalent value if needed by you, but we cannot provide it as cash transfer.

The store credit issued on swapping is valid only for 6 months. We will give you reminders about this till then, and even upto a day before expiry, but once expires, we cannot re-issue it.

We will update the terms on this page as and when needed, you bear the responsibility to check them before participating in RibaSwap.


Team Ribelli!


Here to make you stand out in this crowded world, RIBELLI’s unique and customizable accessories give you a refreshingly new ownership experience.




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