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Ear Huggies


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If you want a completely fresh look even for your existing wardrobe, this one is a MUST to try out! The design’s unique [and we mean super duper unique] shape, curves and filigree work effortlessly turns the awesome-ness knob to Max regardless if its traditional, western, into-western wear or pajamas.


Image showing ribelli's gold plated sterling silver earrings with a unique shape and design. the earring has a checkered filigree work making it light.

Image showing two women with one wearing ribelli's Gold plated precious sterling silver earrings.

  • Made of Precious 🤩 925 Sterling Silver
  • Gold plated with free anti tarnish coating
  • Handcrafted and hand finished 🤲🏼
  • Packed in premium velvet pouches 😍 to prevent rapid blackening and tarnishing

Why Buy

Members = Wholesale prices.
Save Upto Rs. 1,100.

Our RIBELLISTA Membership offers you unmatchable wholesale-level pricing. Buy more often & stay trendy without wasting money!

Plus, once used, swap it for real money! See more…

Swap used RIBELLI Jewelry anytime for real money [up to Rs. 1,100* back]. Better than fake “discounts”!

Nobody else does this for you. GUARANTEED. See More…


Top notch quality rivaling that of fine gold jewelry.

No poorly finished joints, unpolished surfaces, misplaced seams, cheap oxidized powder coatings etc.

Guarantees to You
& our environment!

Look for a card guaranteeing your RIBELLI jewelry is crafted with 925 Sterling Silver, the highest grade in the industry.

We ship your products with 100% re-usable, plastic-free and bio-degradable materials. This is our world and we don’t want to harm Mother Nature further!

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Ear Huggies


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