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Color Me Happy Ring


RIBELLI's 925 Sterling Silver Earrings

Color Me Happy Ring


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  • Made of Precious 🤩 925 Sterling Silver
  • Rose Gold plated with free anti tarnish coating
  • Carved flowers made of Mother Of Pearl material
  • Small butterflies with beautiful premium non-chipping enamel
  • Non-precious, elegant deep green emerald in brilliant pear-cut
  • Handcrafted and hand finished 🤲🏼
  • Packed in premium velvet pouches 😍 to prevent rapid blackening and tarnishing

RibaSwap After Use 🤝

⚠️ Remember ⚠️

Don’t expose them to excess moisture, soaps, moisturizers, oils, perfumes and any other chemicals 🚫. They might tarnish the appearance faster!

See The Maintenance & care instructions.

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Color Me Happy Ring

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Color Me Happy Ring


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