This women's day

We wanted to do something special for the real yet under appreciated rebels in our society 👉🏼 our awesome women!

So we asked them to share a story of one rebellious thing they’ve done to take back control of their lives!

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Real Women.
Real Stories.

Here's the plan

Step 1:

Tell us one rebellious thing you’ve done in your life as a small, short selfie video 🤳📸 through email. [contact details mentioned below].


Add this video to your Insta or Facebook page and tag it with the hashtag “#TheRebelInMe” 🙌 .

Step 3:

Share this page 🤝 with two of your friends whose stories will inspire fellow women 😎!


Follow this hashtag “#TheRebelInMe” and our page @Be.Ribelli to see stories tagged with it on insta!


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